Doc Lucky Meisenheimer is an extraordinary new author who is garnering mass appeal for taking the genre of science fiction to a new level with his first novel, The Immune, published by LJS&S Publishing on May 13, 2011.  Exercising both a mastery of his craft and pursuing a life comprised of an eclectic array of passions and talents, Doc Lucky creates an indelible imprint on anyone’s memory for pushing the limits of human potential to new heights.

Thousands know him as Dr. Meisenheimer, a prestigious dermatologist, Mohs surgeon, and chief of the dermatology division of Orlando Regional Healthcare System. Millions more know Doc Lucky as a world-renowed yo-yo collector/historian featured in The Guinness Book of World Records and author of Lucky’s Collectors Guide to 20th Century Yo-Yos, which is preserved in the Smithsonian Institutions’ National Museum of American History collection.

As an avid swimmer, he has held masters world records and won national titlesin triathlon relays. His daily lake swim at his home has a cult-like following and thousands of open water swimmers have joined his swims since 1989.

On a more diverse front, he has a wide array of assorted accomplishments such as being in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not for swimming a half-mile with his foot in his mouth, wrestling Victor the Wrestling Bear, being a muzzle-loading, rifle-shooting champion, breaking records for wiggling and more. All of his oddities have landed him guest appearances on national television shows such as CBS Evening News, The Martha Stewart Show, Real People, PM Magazine, Nickelodeon, National Lampoon’s Comedy Night School, Treasures in Your Home, and others.

As if that isn’t enough, Doc Lucky is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and is a ground-breaking independent film producer, director, and screenwriter creating documentaries, mini films, and commerical spots through his own film company: Lucky Rose Films. His most recent featurette film, of which he both wrote and directed, is a parody of behind-the-scenes films for the National Lampoon’s movie, RoboDoc. His featurette, entitled RoboDoc Dissected: The Making of the RoboDoc, has been released worldwide on the RoboDoc DVD.

Yet, at the core of the this multifaceted man of diverse talents, is a new, trailblazing voice in science fiction. Leveraging a limitless imagination, a lifetime of eccentric passions, and record-breaking achievements, Doc Lucky has succeeded in fusing his colorful background into a new world of fiction where the human race is threatened with annihilation by a biological crisis of epic dimensions.

We welcome you to his blog, where all of his many pursuits are explored and discovered.

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