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Latest update on John’s Condition

July 23, 2012 Leave a comment

This is from Steven Kern.

Hello all.

Another update on John – his primary issue now is the pneumonitis caused by the inhalation of sea water.  He is being weaned off of the extra breathing support, but this process will take several days at least.  He is being placed intermittently on CPAP which supports his breathing but has never required formal endotracheal intubation or mechanical ventilation.  Infection is always a concern, and he is being treated with antibiotics prophylactically.

I have returned to the US but will continue to update you as John progresses.

Best, Steve

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More Awards for Doc Lucky’s Sci Fi Thriller, The Immune!

July 9, 2012 Leave a comment

Congratulations to Doc Lucky for winning more awards for his spellbinding, critically acclaimed, multiple award winning, fictional debut, THE IMMUNE!

Just this past weekend, THE HOLLYWOOD BOOK FESTIVAL AWARDS gave The Immune an Honorable Mention! Doc has received multitudinous other Honorable Mentions so far with THE NEW YORK BOOK FESTIVAL AWARDS, THE BEACH BOOK FESTIVAL AWARDS, and THE SAN FRANCISCO BOOK FESTIVAL AWARDS.

Doc Lucky is also a finalist for the READER’S FAVORITES AWARDS both in the category of Science Fiction and Action Literature. He was also a finalist for FOREWORD BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARDS.

Last but certainly not least, Doc Lucky is a gold medalist winner of the 2012 INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS and the NATIONAL INDIE EXCELLENCE AWARDS.

We are very proud of Doc Lucky and his amazing literary accomplishments. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates!

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