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New Releases in 2012

We are excited to announce that Doc Lucky Meisenheimer will have some extraordinary new releases in the upcoming year.

In 2012, Doc Lucky Meisenheimer will be releasing the 2nd edition of THE ZOMBIE CAUSE DICTIONARY, which is an amazing book exploring every single scientific term a zombologist needs to know. Meisenheimer describes (in fascinating detail) the history, biology, and physiology of zombies in a satirical yet informative tone. He also introduces readers to the leading characters and concept behind his upcoming internet TV show, The Zombie Cause.

The Zombie Cause is an award-winning, highly educational documentary on phenomenal zombie hunters (and their zombologist father, Doc Ruger) which is now banned in 28 zombie-controlled countries.

We will be pursuing international distribution for The Zombie Cause Dictionary (2nd edition) within the new year. We expect prolific sales, as the 1st edition has already proved to be a tremendous hit at science fiction conventions across the country this past year. We are proud to announce that we sold out of the 1st print run in just a month after its release, which is a record-breaking phenomenon.

For more info on the upcoming Zombie Cause Dictionary, visit http://www.zombiecause.com and check out our blog at http://www.zombiecause.wordpress.com

Also, in 2012, we will be releasing THE TEACHER’S GUIDE TO THE IMMUNE! The Immune is Doc Lucky’s dystopian, allegorical, science fiction thriller with political intrigue. The novel has been receiving amazing reviews from book reviewers across the world. We have also sold more than the national average for a new author from an independent publishing company.

In response to the requests of teachers to present The Immune in their classrooms, we are creating an authoritative guide to the political and metaphorical elements of Doc Lucky’s masterpiece.

Stay tuned to our blog for more information!

Doc Lucky wishes you all a safe and wonderful holiday.

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