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Doc Lucky to appear at the Libertarian Party of Florida State Convention

Doc Lucky Meisenheimer and his director of marketing, Victoria Andrew, will be marketing, presenting, and selling THE IMMUNE at the Libertarian Party of Florida 2012 Convention in Orlando, FL on Feb. 10, 11, and 12.

THE IMMUNE is not only a suspenseful, allegorical, dystopian science fiction thriller with exciting plot twists and turns, but it is a libertarian manifesto. Not only has the novel been receiving rave reviews from mainstream reviewers, but also from prominent libertarians.

Here is what libertarian reviewers are saying…

” Welcome to the world of THE IMMUNE, a fascinating near-future adventure novel by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer. Taking one part H.G. Wells, several bits of Robert Heinlein, and a few echoes of Orwell, Huxley, and other dystopian visionaries, he’s created an allegory that encompasses the 9/11 attacks, environmental mutation fears, government corruption, and man-against-the-State, producing a stunning page-turner in the process.”

– Rational Review

“This is truly a wonderful first novel for Doc Lucky Meisenheimer. THE IMMUNE succeeds on several levels. It is both heavy and light. It works equally as a beach book page-turner, and as an intellectual pursuit of individual liberty.”

– Daily Libertarian

“THE IMMUNE reads like a movie that keeps you guessing until the very end. It could easily be a huge, blockbuster, big screen thriller someday. … If you are going to pursue liberty, you might as well have fun doing it. That’s what reading THE IMMUNE is all about. I can’t recommend it enough. Add it to your reading list now. You’ll thank me later.”

– Liberty Maven

“The Immune has a compelling storyline complete with conflict, compromise, and compassion, peppered with plot twists, edge-of-your-seat, page-turner, spine-tingling narrative.”

– Liberty Views

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