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The Immune as the perfect Christmas gift!

We hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving! As we approach the holiday season, we encourage you to consider purchasing THE IMMUNE for the person in your life who loves to read.THE IMMUNE is Doc Lucky’s science fiction thriller with political intrique. It’s an apocalytpic, dystopian, allegorical tale which can be read for sheer entertainment or as a serious work of political fiction. Even if your loved one isn’t into science fiction, THE IMMUNE has proven to have widespread appeal to a vast diversity of audiences. It is a gift that is infinitely meaningful, as it is destined to be a great and significent work of American fiction for many generations to come.

Here is what recent reviewers are saying:

“THE IMMUNE  is a riveting read of science fiction, highly recommended.”     – Midwest Book Review

“Hard core science fiction fans, casual readers who just want to be entertained, and literary gurus looking for the next great piece of modern literature will enjoy THE IMMUNE. ” – Lytherus.com

“THE IMMUNE by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer is a vastly entertaining boook, a cross between political sci fi thriller and a pulp fiction adventure novel. It’s a stylish, clever novel that delivers a fast-paced, rousing story, and deftly rides the fine line between camp and satire without falling flat on its face.” – A.F. Stewart

“This is truly a wonderful first novel for Doc Lucky Meisenheimer. THE IMMUNE succeeds on several levels. It is both heavy and light. It works equally as a ‘beach book’ page-turner, and as an intellectual pursuit of individual liberty.” – Daily Libertarian

Ordering Information

The Immune by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer is available on ALL major online retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Borders. It is also available via special order at every single Barnes & Noble, Borders, Books-a-Million, and every independent bookstore. Lastly, it is available as an ebook through itunes, Sony reader, Nook, Kindle, Ingram Digital, and every single ebook format.

We recommend that you purchase copies of THE IMMUNE on Doc Lucky’s online store. 100% of the book sale profits will go directly to the charity of the YMCA Aquatic Center’s Scholarship Fund.


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