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Success in Miami (regardless of the weather)

The Immune and The Zombie Cause Dictionary by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer were a HUGE hit at The Miami Book Fair International this past weekend, despite extremely adverse weather conditions of intense rain and 15 mile per hour winds. Yet, even in the monsoon, people were still interested in Doc Lucky’s apocalyptic, sci fi thriller with political intrique. Even though papers were flying in a myriad of directions, signs were falling, and massive puddles were forming, the truly dedicated book lovers found their way to LJS&S Publishing’s booth and found themselves captivated by Doc Lucky’s dystopian world and allegorical tale, which proved to show signs of indelible appeal.

As Victoria Andrew (LJS&S Publishing’s VP of Marketing) shouted, “Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse!” in the gusts of tumultuous rain, people of all ages and backgrounds flocked to our tent not for shelter (as our tent was beseiged by holes allowing waterfalls of rain to pour in) but out of pure curiosity and fascination with The Zombie Cause Dictionary. Already on its 2nd print run, The Zombie Cause Dictionary is already manifesting a huge cult following.

In the storm, Doc Lucky is bound to hit a lightening bolt of fame for his masterpeice of literature, The Immune, and his engaging Zombie Cause Dictionary. Even his first release, Lucky’s Collector’s Guide to 20th Century Yo-Yos was popular with the crowd in Miami!

Upon nearly wrapping up a year of traversing over 7,000 miles to promote Doc Lucky’s work, it is safe to say that he is on his way to becoming a great sensation in the genre of science fiction.

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