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Doc Lucky Updates

We are pleased to announce that we sold more books than any other dealer at a sci fi convention in St. Petersberg entitled Necronomicon. Even more thrilling is the fact that we have completely SOLD OUT of 100% of our copies of The Zombie Cause Dictionary. This is truly phenomenal, as the book was just released in August of 2011. Never before in the history of LJS&S Publishing have we sold out of a first run in less than 3 months of a book’s release. 

We will be releasing a 2nd edition of The Zombie Cause Dictionary in Jan 2012, which will include hundreds of new definitions, fascinating pictures, and more on the biology and history of zombies. We will announce the exciting launch date within the next few weeks. Also, starting in Jan 2012, the 2nd edition of The Zombie Cause Dictionary will be available on all major online retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Books-a-Million, and independent bookstores across America. The ebook version will also be available on all ebook formats.

On Saturday, October 29th at 6pm, Doc Lucky will be featured on an internet TV show with The Monster Channel called “The Underground Lounge with Extremely Dead Jeania.” Be sure to check it out at www.100ymm.com

On November 2 at 10pm, Doc Lucky will be the featured guest on a radio show called “At The Water Cooler” with DK. Copies of Doc Lucky’s sci fi thriller, The Immune, will be awarded to listeners. Check it out at http://dkwatercooler.blogspot.com

On November 4 at 10:15pm, Chris West will be featuring Doc Lucky on his radio show, “That Sci Fi Show” for the second time! They will be giving away copies of Doc Lucky’s sci fi thriller, The Immune, on the show to listeners as well. Check it out at www.thatscifishow.com

Last but not least, Doc Lucky received yet another raving review from a brilliant book reviewer, Amanda J Perkins on her Urban Bachelorette blog. Read it at www.urbanbachelorette.com/2011/10/25/review-the-immune-by-doc-lucky-meisenheimer

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