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Doc Ruger Spotted Gator Hunting

What does Doc Ruger (Doc Lucky’s alter ego who is a world-renowed zombologist and zombie hunter) do in his spare time to relax on his birthday?

He goes GATOR HUNTING!!!!!!!

In honor of his birthday, we are going to revisit some of the most fabulous quotes Doc Lucky has received so far for his sci fi thriller, THE IMMUNE:

“The story began as amusing and quickly evolved to brilliant with a libertarian-themed undercurrent that never took away from the entertainment value. If I had my way, The Immune would be taught in political science and literature classes next to allusion-filled classics like Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies.”

“Hard core science fiction fans, casual readers who just want to be entertained, and literary gurus looking for the next great piece of modern literature will enjoy The Immune.”

“Welcome to the world of The Immune, a fascinating near-future adventure novel by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer. Taking one part H.G. Wells, several bits of Robert Heinlein, and a few echoes of Orwell, Huxley, and other dystopian visionaries, he’s created an allegory that encompasses the 9/11 attacks, environmental mutation fears, government corruption, and man-against-the-State, producing a stunning page-turner in the process.”
-The Rational Review

“The Immune has enough plot twists and turns to satisfy any reader. Just when you think you’ve figured out how it ends, how the airwars came to be, and how they are conquered (even whose side each character is really on!), some new item twists those conclusions into a pretzel.”
-The Rational Review

“Best advice: strap in securely, open the book, and enjoy the ride!”
-Rational Review

“The Immune deserves to be added to both your summer reading list and your collection of pro-liberty dystopian visions. It may proudly take its place alongside the classics of libertarian – themed, speculative fiction by Heinlein, Spider Robinson, L. Neil Smith, and their ilk.”
-Rational Review

“This is truly a wonderful first novel for Doc Lucky Meisenheimer. The Immune succeeds on several levels. It is both heavy and light. It works equally as a ‘beach book’ page-turner, and as an intellectual pursuit of individual liberty.”
-Daily Libertarian

“The Immune reads like a movie that keeps you guessing until the very end. It could easily be a huge, blockbuster, big screen thriller someday. … If you are going to pursue liberty, you might as well have fun doing it. That’s what reading The Immune is all about. I can’t recommend it enough. Add it to your reading list now. You’ll thank me later.”
– Liberty Maven

“It just might be the sleeper hit of the year.”
-Speculative Book Review

“A genuine page-turner, Doc Lucky’s The Immune offers enticing plot turns and well-developed characters that attract and engage readers from all ages and backgrounds. This novel will garner substantial interest to demand a sequel or screenplay.”
-Ziggy Soto

“ With underlying themes that address justice and injustice along with government corruption and escalating control, The Immune is not just any sci-fi adventure, but also an intriguing look into human drive for survival and revenge during a time of disaster and loss.”
-Ziggy Soto

“Doc Lucky Meisenheimer’s science fiction debut is being hailed as a prospective masterpiece of American fiction. … Furiously ingenious at this stage in his writing career, Meisenheimer has achieved an incredible feat of imagination, intellect, and matchless writing talent within The Immune, which is sure to engender fiery debate, strong opinions, and much rhapsodizing over his shocking plot twists and turns.”
-The New Book Review

“This cheeky, irreverent, delightfully un-p.c. story should be a must-read for every person in this country who doesn’t appreciate the liberty they so blithely enjoy every day. … It’s a deliciously wicked commentary on our current political culture-gone-world-power-mad.”
-R.Bartel, Atlas Distribution Blog

“Meisenheimer uses situations and plays on names out of our newspapers to craft a tale full of twists and turns and supervises to bring his reader through fear, anger, terror, jealously, insanity, and so much more – to a very satisfying ending.”
-R. Bartel, Atlas Distribution Blog

“The Immune pulls no punches in its critical assessment of the zealous overregulation of domestic and world governing organizations…every moment is a calculated thrill-ride, rife with unexpected stops and drops. … Meisenheimer earns his wings by telling a great story and spreading the message of personal liberty in earnest. The Immune emerges as a worthy read to audiences of varied stripes, and I suspect there is shall remain.”
-Alex Wall, WeMerge Magazine

“Five stars! I sincerely recommend purchasing The Immune. It is a story that will engage your imagination and, more than likely, give many a few major concerns about today’s government. Doc Lucky Meisenheimer is a multi-talented individual and I look forward to reading more of his stories in the future.”
-Huntress Reviews

“The Immune by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer is a vastly entertaining book, a cross between a political sci fi thriller and a pulp fiction adventure novel. It’s a stylish, clever novel that delivers a fast-paced, rousing story, and deftly rides the fine line between camp and satire without falling flat on its face.”
-A.F. Stewart

“The Immune was a nice surprise, a book that takes a unique premise and some traditional science fiction ideas and melds them together with the trappings of a political thriller into a wonderful novel. It presents a reliable, intricate plot with appealing characters, and dispenses a nice, exciting page-turner.”
-A.F. Stewart

“A compelling storyline complete with conflict, compromise, and compassion, peppered with plot twists, edge-of-your-seat, page-turning, spine-tingling narrative.”
-Liberty Views

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