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Doc Lucky to Make Presentation at Downtown Library on Oct. 15,2011

Doc Lucky Meisenheimer will be making an exciting, interactive, multimedia presentation at the Orange County Library (downtown location) on Oct. 15, 2011.

Come to the downtown library to discover more about The Immune and the trailblazing innovation Doc Lucky is pursuing in marketing his novel.

In making his presentation on Oct. 15, he will play a vital role in The Big Read, a countywide initiative coordinated by the Orange County Library Association. Beginning October 1, Orange County’s 14 public libraries will celebrate the literary genius of Edgar Allan Poe and other great authors. This effort is supported by a $17,050 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and matching funds from local organizations. The program provides citizens with the opportunity to read and discuss authors within their communities, encouraging reading for pleasure and enlightenment.

Orange County Library was chosen for this program due to its experience in building strong local partnerships, reaching and engaging new and diverse audiences, working with educators, involving local and state officials, working with the media, and for excellence of its plans to develop and implement a community-wide reading program.

Doc Lucky is proud to partake in this important literary event. His presentation is sure to be exciting and memorable.

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