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A Night with Ardent Libertarians

Victoria Andrew, VP of Marketing with LJS&S Publishing, spent Thursday evening with a group of very passionate libertarians in Orlando. Led by Travis Cross, a libertarian with anarcho-capitalist leanings, this particular group of spirited hell-raisers and intellectuals meet once a month at Borders in Winter Park for lively discussion and debate.

On this hot and humid night, a steamy conversation ensued between like-minded individualists all advocating a political ideology which beholds individual liberty as the organizing principle of society. Despite sharing beliefs promoting the minimization of the state and the maximization of individual liberty and freedom, vivacious debate ensued over such questions as…

“How can we live according to the consistent theories of individual rights proposed by Locke, Spencer, Rand, and Rothbard? If their theories are truly applied today, would freedom be protected and would it allow people to generate all the institutions of civil society?”

“Do libertarians believe in free markets because of a belief in individual rights or an empirical observation that markets produce prosperity?”

“Does civil society produce liberty, or does a firm commitment to natural rights produce civil society?”

“What can you do for 30 minutes a day to educate others about libertarianism?”

With that final question, Victoria Andrew slammed The Immune by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer down onto the table.

“You can read this book!” she announced.

A hush consumed the circle. Victoria took the stage and talked ardently about “The Immune” as preeminent libertarian manifesto conveyed subversively through the format of a dystopian sci fi thriller with political intrigue.

Instantaneously, the members of the libertarian group requested copies as soon as Victoria elaborated on how Doc Lucky Meisenheimer’s libertarian manifesto addresses pressing issues such as gun rights, privacy, civil liberties, government health care, global governance, foreign policy, and more!

He is the modern day Heinlein who has been compared by reviewers to Huxley, H.G. Wells, and even Orwell. Jackie Krah of Lytherus.com says, “If I had my way, The Immune would be taught in political science classes next to allusion-filled classics like Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies.”

Excitement ensued when Victoria also discussed Doc Lucky Meisenheimer is a local libertarian on a mission to teach the philosophies of libertarian fiction through his art. LJS&S Publishing predicts that members of the Libertarian Meetup group of Orlando, FL will spread the word of Doc Lucky’s trailblazing pursuits and shall one day catapult him into a libertarian “cult hero” status.

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