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Florida Supercon

This woman loves The Immune!

LJS&S Publishing is garnering mass appeal and intrigue at the Florida Supercon Sci Fi Convention in Miami, Fl throughout the next four days! The picture is of a steampunk fan, Viola Steele, who was originally reluctant to read The Immune. However, we invited her to read the first 10 pages at our exhibition table and she was instantaneously hooked!! She immediately purchased The Immune by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer with gusto. She then proceeded to invite her other colorful friends to our  table during which we engaged in a lively debate over the political ideologies and deeper meaning behind the novel.

Vampires, zombies, cartoon and comic book characters all are attracted to our display and dymanic merchandise! Not only are we selling The Immune, but also Doc Lucky Meisenheimer’s first book, Lucky’s Collector’s Guide to 20th Century Yo-Yos. We also have his DVD, The Yo-Yo Kings, flying off the shelves.

If you buy a book, you also get to spin our amazing wheel which shall unveil an exciting prize for you!! Posters, wrist bands, coffee cups, miniature airwars, bookmarks, t-shirts, and even bumper stickers await you as a reward for purchasing The Immune. It’s an spellbinding sci fi debut which is sure to entertain, amaze, and astonish you! Although there are hundreds of vendors at Florida Supercon, LJS&S Publishing is definitely making a splash.

If you are in the Miami area, visit http://www.floridasupercon.com for more information. We are here for the long haul: all four days! Come visit us and purchase your copy of The Immune today.

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