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Sci Fi Summer Con in Atlanta, Georgia

LJS&S Publishing will soon take Atlanta, Georgia by storm by making a splash at the Sci Fi Summer Con. Our featured title, The Immune, will be highlighted at LJS&S Publishing’s dealer table. The Immune, an allegorical science fiction thriller with political intrigue, is creating shock waves across the sci fi community in the U.S.

Garnering rave reviews, The Immune will soon be taught in literature and political science classes across the country.

If you are in Atlanta, be sure to check out Sci Fi Summer Con and visit the LJS&S Publishing table. All of Doc Lucky Meisenheimer’s books will be for sale and exciting promotional items will be awarded.

Authors Bobby Nash, Robin Spriggs, Emilie Bush, Michael Gordon, Shawn Sellers, and Norcross Paranormal will also be at the convention. Directors and actors of Ace the Zombie, The Sci Fi Janitors, Ted Parker, Bob Carter, and James Jarrett will also be present. Live musical performances by Jendayi Bellydance, New York Disco Villains, Sassparilla the Singing Gorilla, June5, Vince the Dog and others will be rocking the house.

Buy your tickets today and become a part of The Immune’s tour across the nation this summer.

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