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The Immune ebook

June 30, 2011 Leave a comment

LJS&S Publishing is thrilled to announce that The Immune by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer is not just available on Kindle, but also on Nook (Barnes and Noble) and!



Within the next few weeks, The Immune by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer will also be available through the following:

– iBookstore
– Kobo (Borders)
– ReaderStore (Sony Reader)
– Ingram Digital
– Google ebookstore

Contact Victoria Andrew, the VP of Marketing for LJS&S Publishing, at 407.353.3739 if you have any questions about the process of ordering your ebook.

Go to the following sites to purchase your ebook of The Immune today:


Hot Reviews for The Immune by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer

June 27, 2011 Leave a comment

As Doc Lucky’s allegorical, science fiction, political thriller continues to sweep the nation within the first dazzling weeks of its release, positive reviews are flourishing. There has not been a single negative review posted by book reviewers; all comments have been nothing but pure rhapsodizing over the genius, innovation, and groundbreaking elements of The Immune.

Here are just a few quotes from recent reviews in the past few weeks:

“If I had my way, The Immune would be taught in political science classes next to allusion-filled classics like Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies.” –

“This cheeky, irreverent, delightfully un-p.c. story should be a must-read for every person in this country, including children, who doesn’t appreciate the liberty they so blithely enjoy every day. It’s a deliciously wicked commentary on our current political culture-gone-world-power-mad.” – R. Bartel

“I could not put it down. More twists and turns than a King’s Island Roller Coaster. Put away the Sci-fi undertones & this novel rumbles of modern day conspiracy theory, and misdirection. You can’t get ahead of what comes next. I dare you! This is much more than just a Sci-Fi Thriller. Written like a Clive Cussler Novel. A must read!”
– Robert C. Gibbs III

“Have you ever wondered where government regulations start and individual liberties end? It is apparent that author Doc Lucky has. The Immune puts us in a ‘real world of science fiction where the role of government to provide collective safety is pitted against the individual’s right to self-preservation. A fast moving story that will keep you wondering who is right, who is wrong; who’s actions are for the greater good, who’s are not; who is noble, and who is more noble.” – S. Gordon

“The Immune takes the Libertarian ideal of the limited state, and employing effortless literary license, flips its upside-down–three hundred and some odd pages devoted to painting a world of all-encompassing, panoptic government reign, steadily defiling more rights and embezzling man’s basic emancipation. This serves, in the mold of Animal Farm or Pilgrim’s Progress, to illuminate just how potentially abhorrent such an entity could be.
A must have for any reader who values freedom in the slightest; once read one realizes how quickly (and without obstacle)the path to intellectual slavery is built.” – Buddy Crowther

Stay tuned for more reviews, as new ones are published nearly on a daily basis!

The Sci Fi Con Tour Continues

June 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Cobra Commander says, "The Immune rocks!"

LJS&S Publishing succeeded in having the most popular, interactive, exciting dealer’s table at Sci Fi Summer Con in Atlanta, GA last weekend. By highlighting Doc Lucky Meisenheimer’s break out hit, The Immune, our sales skyrocketed past our competitors. Sales statistics reveal that LJS&S Publishing sold twice the amount of sales than other dealers present at the event.

Cobra Commander, Spiderman, time travellers, Vulcans, Wolverine, Batman, Dr. Strange, The Mekon, Sassparilla the Singing Gorilla, and others went home excited to have their own autographed copy of The Immune. All of have promised to compose reviews on of Doc Lucky Meisenheimer’s spellbinding hit, of which we encourage you to do so as well.

Next on the map is Florida Supercon in Miami, FL from July 1 – July 4. Over 7,000 people are expected, and we intend on having – once again – the most popular dealer’s table. Contact Victoria Andrew, the VP of Marketing for LJS&S Publishing, for more details at 407.353.3797.

Sci Fi Summer Con in Atlanta, Georgia

June 7, 2011 Leave a comment

LJS&S Publishing will soon take Atlanta, Georgia by storm by making a splash at the Sci Fi Summer Con. Our featured title, The Immune, will be highlighted at LJS&S Publishing’s dealer table. The Immune, an allegorical science fiction thriller with political intrigue, is creating shock waves across the sci fi community in the U.S.

Garnering rave reviews, The Immune will soon be taught in literature and political science classes across the country.

If you are in Atlanta, be sure to check out Sci Fi Summer Con and visit the LJS&S Publishing table. All of Doc Lucky Meisenheimer’s books will be for sale and exciting promotional items will be awarded.

Authors Bobby Nash, Robin Spriggs, Emilie Bush, Michael Gordon, Shawn Sellers, and Norcross Paranormal will also be at the convention. Directors and actors of Ace the Zombie, The Sci Fi Janitors, Ted Parker, Bob Carter, and James Jarrett will also be present. Live musical performances by Jendayi Bellydance, New York Disco Villains, Sassparilla the Singing Gorilla, June5, Vince the Dog and others will be rocking the house.

Buy your tickets today and become a part of The Immune’s tour across the nation this summer.

The Immune was a spectacular hit at OASIS24, an Orlando Sci Fi Convention!

June 2, 2011 Leave a comment

LJS&S Publishing showcased its featured author, Doc Lucky Meisenheimer and his allegorical, science fiction thriller with political intrigue, The Immune. Sales were prolific and the LJS&S Publishing dealer table was the most popular amongst a diverse crowd. The steampunk community held a particular fascination with The Immune and the limitless imagination of Doc Lucky Meisenheimer.

Doc Lucky Meisenheimer also amazed a massive crowd while serving on a “Taxonomy of Zombies” panel. Doc Lucky’s alter ego, Doc Ruger (a prestigious zombologist) presented an actual parasite removed from the brain of a zombie, which held the crowd in a state of breathless awe.

On the same weekend, The Immune was a popular topic amongst publishers and book reviewers at the Book Expo in New York City. Executives from Scholastic and Variance Publishing created a buzz over Doc Lucky Meisenheimer’s latest release.

Next on the calendar is Sci Fi Summer Con in Atlanta, Georgia. Look for LJS&S Publishing’s dealer table, which is sure to catalyze much excitement as they are giving away free and fun promotional items with a purchase of The Immune.