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All major online book retailers now accept pre-orders for The Immune

I am, of course, extremely excited that all the major online book sellers both national and international are taking pre-orders for The Immune.  Not in any way trying to take business from these fine establishments, but I would request you consider doing your pre-order for the book at Doc Lucky’s Store .  The reason being, I am giving all the profits from pre-orders from my web site store to the YMCA Aquatic Center Scholarship fund.  I have been the coach of the Special Olympics swim team at the YMCA for 17 years and this program is operated through scholarship dollars as well as many other fine programs at the Y.  So when you buy the book you are not only getting a great read, but you are helping a great organization continue it’s charitable work.  Consider buying several copies as gifts for friends.   Many Thanks


1. Barnes and Noble.com This is the only site that prints pre-release reviews and there are several very nice ones listed.  The Immune has a 5 star rating out of 5.

2. Amazon.com

3. Borders.com

4. Atlas Books
5. Books a Million.com

6. Amazon in the UK:

7. Better World Books (UK)

8. Proxis.be & Azur.be (Amsterdam)

9. Buecher.de (Germany)

10. Buch.ch (Germany)

11. CDON.com (Sweden)

12. Amazon.jp (Japan)

13 NBC (India)

14. Emporium Books (Australia)

15. Powell Books (U.S. largest independent book store)


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