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28 Five Star reviews on BarnesandNoble.com!!!

LJS&S Publishing is pleased to announce that Doc Lucky Meisenheimer has received 28 different 5 star customer reviews on BarnesandNoble.com! Here are some excerpts from a few of the most enthusiastic readers:

“The plot twists and turns were totally unexpected. I was amazed, amused, shocked, horrified, and entertained. Although it could just be an escapist novel, there are metaphors and hidden meanings that should make readers pick up the book for multiple readings. For lovers of Heinlein and libertarians across the globe, this is going to be a manifesto.”
– Shawn O’Malley, TopDog79

“Doc Lucky is a renaissance man with a true gift for writing. I suggest you pre-order your copy today because this is going to fly off the shelves.”
– Alex, The Sci Fi Guy

“I know my book club members are absolutely going to love it, as its going to spark some vivacious debate over the symbolism of the biogenetically manufactured creatures referred to as airwars. Even the intricate, complex, and surprising plot conceptualizations are enough to keep a meaningful conversation flowing for my book club.”
– Lillian Davis

“With this sci-fi debut, Doc Lucky has created a compelling landscape where nothing is what it seems and determination goes a long way when human existence is at stake.”
– Ziggy Soto

“His philosophical and dramatic narrative opened my eyes to the posssible dangers of biogentic engineering with his depiction of airwars who attack and kill at random. Also, although I am not a libertarian at heart, his novel evoked passion to question authority and governmental controls. Without giving away any plot surprises, I will say that this novel’s shocking ending compeltely blew my mind and inspired me to turn back to page 1 for a second reading.”
– Cindy Steele

“In 1966, Robert A. Heinlein broke new ground with his Hugo Award winning novel of libertarian revolution with The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress. 45 years later, Doc Lucky Meisenheimer has revived the libertarian movement in fiction with his sci fi debut, The Immune.”
– Alex Jackson

“Upon picking up the advance reader copy of The Immune by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer, I initially had very low expectations. He’s a first-time novelist coming from an independent publisher. However, Doc Lucky succeeded in proving my expectations as wrong with mind-blowing proportions. Never before have I come across a novel that so seemlessly synergizes multiple genres including sci fi, political thriller, and action/adventure.”
– Dave Johnson

“I lead a book club in Athens, Georgia. I totally am going to pre-order 20 copies for my book club members. This was a damn good read! 5 stars for Doc Lucky. Can’t wait for his next book.”
– John Rosenberg

“This book is one for people for love to debate and engage in topical conversation. Seriously, this would be a great novel to integrate into philosophy class curriculum. Plot concepts are tight, characterizations are vivid, and the dialogue is great.”
– Catherine in Chicago

“I have no doubt in my mind that this important first novel will be read and discussed in classrooms across the country. 5 stars for Doc Lucky Meisenheimer!”
– Darine Mosley

Click on this hyperlink to read all 28 five star reviews for The Immune: BarnesandNoble.com

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