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28 Five Star reviews on!!!

March 17, 2011 Leave a comment

LJS&S Publishing is pleased to announce that Doc Lucky Meisenheimer has received 28 different 5 star customer reviews on! Here are some excerpts from a few of the most enthusiastic readers:

“The plot twists and turns were totally unexpected. I was amazed, amused, shocked, horrified, and entertained. Although it could just be an escapist novel, there are metaphors and hidden meanings that should make readers pick up the book for multiple readings. For lovers of Heinlein and libertarians across the globe, this is going to be a manifesto.”
– Shawn O’Malley, TopDog79

“Doc Lucky is a renaissance man with a true gift for writing. I suggest you pre-order your copy today because this is going to fly off the shelves.”
– Alex, The Sci Fi Guy

“I know my book club members are absolutely going to love it, as its going to spark some vivacious debate over the symbolism of the biogenetically manufactured creatures referred to as airwars. Even the intricate, complex, and surprising plot conceptualizations are enough to keep a meaningful conversation flowing for my book club.”
– Lillian Davis

“With this sci-fi debut, Doc Lucky has created a compelling landscape where nothing is what it seems and determination goes a long way when human existence is at stake.”
– Ziggy Soto

“His philosophical and dramatic narrative opened my eyes to the posssible dangers of biogentic engineering with his depiction of airwars who attack and kill at random. Also, although I am not a libertarian at heart, his novel evoked passion to question authority and governmental controls. Without giving away any plot surprises, I will say that this novel’s shocking ending compeltely blew my mind and inspired me to turn back to page 1 for a second reading.”
– Cindy Steele

“In 1966, Robert A. Heinlein broke new ground with his Hugo Award winning novel of libertarian revolution with The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress. 45 years later, Doc Lucky Meisenheimer has revived the libertarian movement in fiction with his sci fi debut, The Immune.”
– Alex Jackson

“Upon picking up the advance reader copy of The Immune by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer, I initially had very low expectations. He’s a first-time novelist coming from an independent publisher. However, Doc Lucky succeeded in proving my expectations as wrong with mind-blowing proportions. Never before have I come across a novel that so seemlessly synergizes multiple genres including sci fi, political thriller, and action/adventure.”
– Dave Johnson

“I lead a book club in Athens, Georgia. I totally am going to pre-order 20 copies for my book club members. This was a damn good read! 5 stars for Doc Lucky. Can’t wait for his next book.”
– John Rosenberg

“This book is one for people for love to debate and engage in topical conversation. Seriously, this would be a great novel to integrate into philosophy class curriculum. Plot concepts are tight, characterizations are vivid, and the dialogue is great.”
– Catherine in Chicago

“I have no doubt in my mind that this important first novel will be read and discussed in classrooms across the country. 5 stars for Doc Lucky Meisenheimer!”
– Darine Mosley

Click on this hyperlink to read all 28 five star reviews for The Immune:

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All major online book retailers now accept pre-orders for The Immune

March 17, 2011 Leave a comment

I am, of course, extremely excited that all the major online book sellers both national and international are taking pre-orders for The Immune.  Not in any way trying to take business from these fine establishments, but I would request you consider doing your pre-order for the book at Doc Lucky’s Store .  The reason being, I am giving all the profits from pre-orders from my web site store to the YMCA Aquatic Center Scholarship fund.  I have been the coach of the Special Olympics swim team at the YMCA for 17 years and this program is operated through scholarship dollars as well as many other fine programs at the Y.  So when you buy the book you are not only getting a great read, but you are helping a great organization continue it’s charitable work.  Consider buying several copies as gifts for friends.   Many Thanks


1. Barnes and This is the only site that prints pre-release reviews and there are several very nice ones listed.  The Immune has a 5 star rating out of 5.



4. Atlas Books
5. Books a

6. Amazon in the UK:

7. Better World Books (UK)

8. & (Amsterdam)

9. (Germany)

10. (Germany)

11. (Sweden)

12. (Japan)

13 NBC (India)

14. Emporium Books (Australia)

15. Powell Books (U.S. largest independent book store)


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Bloggers are now starting to review The Immune! This first one is great!

March 14, 2011 Leave a comment

I recently had the opportunity to read The Immune, Doc Lucky Meisenheimer’s debut novel, which is set for release this May and is currently available for pre-sale order on Barnes & Nobles.  I’ll be the first to admit I’m not much of a sci-fi fan, but I found myself having difficulty putting it down.  And quite honestly, if a novel can keep me that interested, I’m all for it.

A genuine page-turner, Doc Lucky’s The Immune offers enticing plot turns and well-developed characters that attract and engage readers from all ages and backgrounds. This novel will garner substantial interest to demand a sequel or screenplay. The humor, action, surprises, and suspense create a fantasy world any reader will find difficult to pull away from. READ MORE

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Cool things happening with The Immune on the net.

March 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Barnes & Nobel posts the novel on the web for pre sales  Here

Our first international site (in the UK) Better World Books has the novel available for pre sales Here

NME the online magazine posts Lucky’s Author interview and the book trailer Here (world news) posts Lucky’s Author interview on book launch the future of power  Here

On sale now in Germany too Here and Here

Now Amsterdam  Here

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Don’t throw those ARCs away just yet! The Immune sells on eBay for $79 !!!!

March 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Okay, I don’t know why, but an ARC (advanced reading copy) just sold on eBay for $79.00!  Too Cool!  Now, being an old pro at bidding on yo-yos on eBay (as I have the Guinness World Record for the  Largest Collection of Yo-Yos and wrote the book on yo-yo collecting), I am well-aware that auctions can sometimes go crazy for seemingly no reason at all. I guess this ARC was a bit unusual in that it was signed and numbered, but I can’t still explain the bid going so high.  Anyhow, it is fun seeing one bring such a high bid, but who knows, one day we could all be saying, “Remember when an ARC of The Immune sold for only $79.00? What a steal.”

Pre-Sales of The Immune Have Gone Global

March 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Breaking News from LJS&S Publishing:

Doc Lucky Meisenheimer’s science fiction debut, The Immune, is achieving pre-sales across the globe. Despite a release date of May 13, 2011, readers on an international level are already purchasing their copies of The Immune. Independent bookstores across the nation have also ordered copies to be prepared for his much anticipated book launch. Bloggers and book reviewers in a myriad of locations including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, South Korea, France, and even Japan are intriqued and excited about Doc Lucky Meisenheimer’s latest novel.

In reponse to such unexpected success at an early stage in the novel, the VP of Marketing of LJS&S Publishing has issued a letter to all readers:

Dear Reader,

It’s an extraordinary occurrence to come across a book that is crackling with genius and so much thrilling adventure that you can’t wait to hand copies to friends and say, “Read this. I know you will love it!” I am excited to announce that Doc Lucky Meisenheimer is producing such excitement in readers with The Immune, his stunning science fiction debut. His compelling and entertaining novel has struck a chord with readers of all ages and interests, and has earned comparisons from reviewers and “regular readers” to the works of Robert A. Heinlein and Philip K. Dick.

The Immune is an exciting read that will enlighten and shock you, move you to tears, and make your heart wildly accelerate. It’s a fast-paced rollercoaster propelling you to stay up all night on the edge of your seat as his vividly-described characters take you racing through stunning plot twists and turns. It’s a story of love, loss, and a thirst for vengeance set in a turbulent time where all of humanity is threatened with total annihilation by a virulent, biological phenomenon known as an airwar.

Meisenheimer evokes fascination when a Navy admiral directs a corps of heroes, who are genetically immune to the airwar’s poisonous stings, to salvage humanity despite a corrupt world government driven by a sinister plot. The fate of the world rests upon one special member of the Immune Corp, Dr. John Long, whose perilous odyssey will make your pulse skyrocket.

Doc Lucky Meisenheimer is as complex, multifaceted, and unique as his novel. At the forefront of dermatology, he is known as a prestigious physician and chief of the dermatology division for the Orlando Regional Healthcare System. On an international scope, Doc Lucky is known as a world-famous yo-yo historian featured in the Guinness Book of World Records and is the author of Lucky’s Collectors Guide to 20th Century Yo-Yos. He also flexes his creative muscles as a trailblazing independent film producer, director, and screenwriter creating featurette films, documentaries, and commercial spots with his own company, Lucky-Rose Films. Similar to The Immune’s protagonist, Doc Lucky is also a gifted swimmer, who has held masters world records and won national titles in triathlon relays. Needless to say, his vast array of talents and passions have enriched his fiction and given depth and meaning to his characters.

A novel of this caliber is a rare and exciting event. I feel privileged to have been involved in this book, and to be able to introduce this early edition. We welcome your reviews and feedback. Feel free to email me your comments directly to For more information about our author’s marketing campaign, additional publications, and to order your copy of the hardback edition, please visit us at

Victoria Andrew
VP, Marketing
LJS&S Publishing

The Immune is available on, Amazon,, and Atlas Books. 100% of the release date sales will benefit the YMCA Aquatic Center’s Scholarship Fund.

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