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Advance Reader Copies of The Immune

Doc Lucky with Advance Reader Copies of The Immune

The advance reader copies for Doc Lucky Meisenheimer’s sci fi debut, The Immune, are winning tremendous praise from diverse fans across the globe. His stunning plot twists, political intrique, spellbinding characters, engaging dialogue, and captivating prose are landing record-breaking pre-sales for LJS&S Publishing.

What are readers saying?

“Doc Lucky’s sci fi debut is a rollicking adventure with hair-raising surprises. He weaves a story of heroism and glory in defiance of a corrupt government. His debut excites readers and leaves them craving for more.” – David Farland, author of The Runelords

“Lucky smoothly blends fiction with a political thriller with enough plot twists to wow a variety of readers.” – Carrot Top, Las Vegas comedian/actor

“This book isn’t just good; it is on-the-edge-of-your-seat good!” – Rowdy Gaines, Triple Olympic Gold Medalist and NBC Olympic Sportscaster

The Immune is a very entertaining sci fi novel with a great ending! This book would make a wonderful Disney movie or TV series.” – Richard A. Nunis, Retired CEO and Chairman, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Victoria Andrew, VP of Marketing for LJS&S Publishing says, “The Immune is an exciting read that will enlighten and shock you, move you to tears, and make your heart wildly accelerate. It’s a fast-paced rollercoaster propelling you to stay up all night on the edge of your seat as his vividly-described characters take you racing through stunning plot twists and turns. It’s a story of love, loss, and a thirst for vengeance set in a turbulent time where all of humanity is threatened with total annihilation by a virulent, biological phenomenon known as an airwar.”

In Doc Lucky’s style of innovation and eccentricity, he has transformed his 1,000 advance reader copies into collector items by signing and numbering each one. With his extraordinary flair, he has also inserted a gift from Zimbabwe within page 198 revealing a deeper level of meaning within The Immune, which is stirring up ardent debate and discussion among his fans.

For more information on how you can acquire an advance reader copy of Doc Lucky Meisenheimer’s The Immune, contact Victoria Andrew at LJS&S Publishing: victoria@ljsspublishing.com

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