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We now have a group (The Immune Novel) on Facebook

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Please join our groups on Facebook The Immune Novel and don’t forget to join the Facebook group Luckys Lake Swim


Doc Lucky on the Growing Bolder Radio Show

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Explore the fascinating, multi-faceted, exciting world of Doc Lucky Meisenheimer by tuning in to the Growing Bolder Radio Show.

With his striking charisma, unforgettable charm, and captivating intelligence, Doc Lucky weaves stories of his eclectic pursuits. He covers vast terrain including his admirable endeavors as a Special Olympics coach, his daily lake swims, his thriving dermatology practice, his Guinness World Records, and his adventures as the ultimate, world authority on yo-yos. Even more intriquing is Doc Lucky’s dicussion on his upcoming sci fi novel debut, The Immune. Insights on his characters and the inspiration behind his book are revealed with tantalizing detail.

To listen to his interview, click on the link below:

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Interview with Doc Lucky Meisenheimer

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As advance reader copies of The Immune by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer are being distributed across the nation to book reviewers, bloggers, and independent bookstores, a fascination with the man behind the novel is swiftly growing.

Doc Lucky and his multifarious talents are capturing the attention of interviewers (for both radio and TV) nationwide. Here on Doc Lucky’s blog, we are sharing some of his answers to the burning questions of his fans:

 What was your inspiration for writing The Immune? 

The Immune was a gift to my boys.  Thanks to my wife’s efforts, all three of my sons developed a passion for reading at a young age.  I wanted to give them an exciting adventure novel, but at the same time make them think.  They all enjoy the story now as tweens and early teenagers, but I hope in the future they re-read it as adults and comprehend the symbolism and message.

How did your background as a physician, competitive swimmer, internationally renowned yo-yo historian, and film director influence your writing?

I believe you can exercise your imagination and make it grow by using it frequently.  Yet, for it to become well-muscled, you must feed it a diet of varied experience.  Clearly the more experiences an author has in life, provides him or her more material to pull from in the process of creating.  Personal adventure may not be a prerequisite for fiction writing, but I would not have it any other way.

What science fiction authors influenced you as a writer and in the process of developing The Immune?

Well, my top three influences are Heinlein, Heinlein, and, of course, Heinlein.  I don’t know if my school librarian loved Robert Heinlein, or if they ran out of money for science fiction books after they had purchased authors through the letter H.  Yet, Heinlein was my pabulum for Sci-Fi reading growing up.  After a friend read the manuscript, he said, “Meisenheimer, your book is like Heinlein on crystal meth.”  I’m glad I have good bladder control, as I almost peed myself – someone had used my name and Heinlein’s in the same sentence.  I don’t even know if it was meant to be a compliment.

A few astute reviewers have suggested that libertarian ideologies were integrated into the novel.  Is this an accurate assessment?  Did you intend on stirring up debate and political discussions with The Immune? Or, is it meant to be only an entertaining escapade?

In my mind, the best novels can always be read on two levels.  First, is the main story that is engaging and entertaining as it pulls the reader from page to page.  On the second level, there is the message. For many readers, the first level is enough for their needs, but the best works have depth and meaning and foster thinking and discussion.   It is for the reader to decipher and debate the metaphors and their meanings: this is what breathes life into a novel.

Within The Immune, the fate of the human race is threatened with total destruction by the terrifying biological phenomenon of the airwars.  Were the airwars inspired by a fusion of both your creative and scientific acumen?

It was more of a combination of having been stung by man o’ wars during open water swimming competitions and a bad dream where they followed me out of the water. Of course, biologically I wondered if an organism like this could be created.  If you think about all the advances in genetic engineering –including making a rabbit glow- it’s not a far stretch to believe an airwar could be created.

One of you main characters coined the phrase “FS maneuver” which appears throughout the book.  What does it mean to be “FSed?”

An FS maneuver is simply a deception, which is hiding an underlying agenda.  In modern society we see “FS maneuvers” all the time in advertising, politicians’promises, etc.   For example, a boy is throwing a ball against the wall of his house and breaks a window.  His mom asks him how it happened and he says he doesn’t know. That’s a simple lie.  Another boy intentionally breaks a window and tells his mom he doesn’t know what happened. Yet, if she takes him to Wal-Mart to get duct tape, he will fix it for her until the repairman comes . . . and oh, by the way, the Zombie Seekers new video game has just been released at the same store.  Would she mind letting him pick up a copy of that as well? That is an FS maneuver.

What type of audience are you targeting? If you intend to reach a vast audience, what themes possess mass appeal within the novel? 

My previous works have had very small niches of interest, so I wanted to create something with more mass appeal.  My belief was that a well-told adventure appeals to many audiences, especially if it is written to be enjoyed on a couple of different levels.  Interestingly enough, I used three teenage girls as early test readers of the manuscript.  They all complained it made them tired, as they stayed up too late reading because they didn’t want to stop.  This was a very pleasant surprise, as I was definitely not thinking of this demographic as I was writing the novel.

Many reviewers have claimed that The Immune would make a phenomenal science fiction screenplay.  Would you be open to adapting the novel for film?

My first writing achievements were screenplays, so my mind tends to think in these terms when I write.  When I speak with other writers about their creative process, I discovered I was different.  I see the novel as a movie in my mind.  I just write what I see as the movie runs.  I bought a book on how to write a novel after I finished The Immune.  I’m glad I didn’t read it before I wrote the novel.  What drudgery!  I had fun writing The Immune.  I could hardly wait to find out what was going to happen next.  I guess my brain’s just wired differently.

What can we look forward to as your next release? Will you remain in the science fiction genre or do you plan on writing for other audiences in the near future?

Even though I have one non-fiction book and several non-fiction articles published, my love is writing Sci-Fi and humor.  Currently, I have a screenplay entitled “Slitterfin,” which is of the Sci-Fi genre, but it could be easily novelized.  Right now, I am busy promoting The Immune, but this could be a distinct possibility.  The strength and the direction of the currents flowing will ultimately determine how I proceed.  My preference is always to swim downstream.

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Advance Reader Copies of The Immune

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Doc Lucky with Advance Reader Copies of The Immune

The advance reader copies for Doc Lucky Meisenheimer’s sci fi debut, The Immune, are winning tremendous praise from diverse fans across the globe. His stunning plot twists, political intrique, spellbinding characters, engaging dialogue, and captivating prose are landing record-breaking pre-sales for LJS&S Publishing.

What are readers saying?

“Doc Lucky’s sci fi debut is a rollicking adventure with hair-raising surprises. He weaves a story of heroism and glory in defiance of a corrupt government. His debut excites readers and leaves them craving for more.” – David Farland, author of The Runelords

“Lucky smoothly blends fiction with a political thriller with enough plot twists to wow a variety of readers.” – Carrot Top, Las Vegas comedian/actor

“This book isn’t just good; it is on-the-edge-of-your-seat good!” – Rowdy Gaines, Triple Olympic Gold Medalist and NBC Olympic Sportscaster

The Immune is a very entertaining sci fi novel with a great ending! This book would make a wonderful Disney movie or TV series.” – Richard A. Nunis, Retired CEO and Chairman, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Victoria Andrew, VP of Marketing for LJS&S Publishing says, “The Immune is an exciting read that will enlighten and shock you, move you to tears, and make your heart wildly accelerate. It’s a fast-paced rollercoaster propelling you to stay up all night on the edge of your seat as his vividly-described characters take you racing through stunning plot twists and turns. It’s a story of love, loss, and a thirst for vengeance set in a turbulent time where all of humanity is threatened with total annihilation by a virulent, biological phenomenon known as an airwar.”

In Doc Lucky’s style of innovation and eccentricity, he has transformed his 1,000 advance reader copies into collector items by signing and numbering each one. With his extraordinary flair, he has also inserted a gift from Zimbabwe within page 198 revealing a deeper level of meaning within The Immune, which is stirring up ardent debate and discussion among his fans.

For more information on how you can acquire an advance reader copy of Doc Lucky Meisenheimer’s The Immune, contact Victoria Andrew at LJS&S Publishing:

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PROLOGUE to THE IMMUNE by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer

January 4, 2011 1 comment

The Immune looked at the four large marine guards standing to either side of the massive metal door bearing the sign RESTRICTED ACCESS. His hand entered the right front pocket of his faded green and brown fatigues. His fingers lightly touched the hilt of the knife. He had shoved the blade through the base of the pocket so the handle wouldn’t show. Not that it mattered. The Pope would more likely be searched upon entering the Vatican than any guard would attempt to confiscate a weapon from The Immune.

Beyond the door, in an empty room, gagged with arms and legs bound to a chair, sat the infamous prisoner, Joseph Sengele: lunatic and unrepentant biogentic creator of the airwars, whose continuing random attacks on humanity resulted in tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions, of horrific deaths worldwide. In a moment, The Immune would pass through the door and kill Dr. Sengele.

The Immune never killed a man before, but he had dispatched hundreds of Sengele’s creations. Each represented to the Immune a small step to the ultimate goal of Sengele himself. Should the family of deadly sings ever consider an eighth, vengeance would make a fitting brother. Vengeance is a powerful, life-altering emotion, and no one in history could claim more metamorphosis from this sensation than The Immune. At this point, he knew not whether Sengele’s death would alter the fate of the world, but he believed it would provide him some peace, and certainly a degree of satisfaction. The guards stepped back and the heavy metal door, straining on its hinges, opened for The Immune.

*** On May 13, 2011, THE IMMUNE by DOC LUCKY MEISENHEIMER will be coming to a store near you. ***

For more information, visit or contact Victoria Andrew, VP of Marketing at

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